Latest Errata widget shows errata which can't be applied to the host

As Foreman and Katello don’t support EPEL on Rocky 8, I needed to create a curated mini-EPEL, which only includes the RPMs (by filtering in the CV) needed for Icinga2 monitoring (nagius-plugins* and 4 dependency packages). All works fine except the errata calculation shows all EPEL 8 errata as applicable for the host. When I click the checkbox “only show errata which can be applied in the current content view” the errata goes away, however, on the dashboard it is still shown.

Expected outcome:
The errata, which are not included in CV for a host, to be excluded from the Latest Errata widget.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
F 3.4
K 4.6

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8.7

Other relevant data:

The Latest Errata widget on the dashboard covers all hosts.

An erratum will be ‘applicable’ to a host if the library instances of the repositories exposed to the host include the erratum-- even if it’s filtered out in the host’s content view version and lifecycle environment.

If you’re looking for only installable errata, you can also see that on the host’s details page (Hosts > All Hosts > (your host name).

Hi Jeremy, thank you for your reply. Indeed, the dashboard covers all hosts, however, all hosts are fully patched, so it should be empty. But it shows this for the one F/K host in question:

As you can see it affects only a single host, but those errata are not applicable to this host. So this widget will always show them and now the “real” errata are easy to miss.

The errata are not installable on that host, but they are applicable. Errata that are filtered out will remain applicable, even though they are not installable. So I’m afraid that widget won’t be too useful in this case.

Yes, I agree. Unfortunate, but I’ll need to remove the widget. Thank you for your insight.