Ldap:refresh_usergroups is taking more time


I have configured LDAP (Active directory) in Foreman and authentication is
working fine. User is automatically created in Foreman once authenticated
by LDAP but it is taking long time (nearly 2 hrs) to get the user is added
to the user group, which is mapped to LDAP external group.

  • Please find the log details below*

2017-01-05T13:16:56 [app] [I] Started PUT
"/external_usergroups/Prod_Users/refresh" for at 2017-01-05
13:16:56 +0000

2017-01-05T13:16:56 [app] [I] Processing by
ExternalUsergroupsController#refresh as HTML

2017-01-05T13:16:56* [app] [I] Parameters:

2017-01-05T15:01:47* [app] [I] Completed 302 Found in 7162113ms
(ActiveRecord: 49.9ms)*

Foreman version is 1.11

Could you please suggest?

Best Regards,
Unnikrishnan K

@Unnikrishnan_K, have you found a solution for this?