Learning Plan: To Contribute to Foreman

Hello All

I’m looking for some advice on what i need to learn to become a contributor to foreman, i am formally trained in satellite 6 as well as having hands-on experience, I’m planning to take googles python course as well.

Id like to train myself up to contribute in the following ways:

  • Be able to write plugins for foreman, also learn API’s in the process.

  • Potentially write ansible modules, hence learning python

Any adivce ?

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we keep a list of easy[1] and good first issues[2] in our issue tracker. Those might be a good place to start. Apart from that, don’t think about it too hard and just give it a try. We don’t bite :slight_smile:

To be able to write plugins for foreman you’ll need to know ruby and maybe some javascript, depending on what exactly you’ll want to do.

When you say “learn API’s in the process”, do you mean the ones we already have? If so, exploring them by implementing ansible modules for them could be something many people would appreciate as well.

Whatever path you decide to take, we’ll be happy to have you and will try to help you pull through. Happy hacking

[1] - Easy and Trivial Issues - Foreman
[2] - Good first issues - Foreman core - Foreman


If you are really dedicated to learn python instead of ruby (it’s not exclusive, btw) and interested in writing ansible modules, consider not starting from scratch, but have a look at

There are also some issues marked as easy.