List hall hosts with a particular puppet class

Hello all,

we have a problem since the last update to the Foreman version 3.3.
The update per se had no problems.

Before the update every user was able to search on the host page with

class = puppetclass

for hosts with particular puppet classes.

Since the update Admin users can still do that.
All other users get

external method ‘search_by_deprecated’ failed with error: undefined method
‘allows_taxonomy_filtering’ for Foreman Puppet::Extensions::Host:Module

We also tried it with

puppetclass = puppetclass

Has anyone the same problem or a tip for a solution?


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Hi @sal,
This was reported a few days ago in the community, @MSinghal and I are looking into it.

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Is this the same issue?

Did you and @MSinghal make any progress with this?

We are still looking into this issue.

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I would really appreciate a fix for this issue, I consider this a potential vulnerability / security issue, as the workaround requires giving admin privileges to all users. This is not an acceptable solution.

Fixed in this PR: Fixes Host view permissions to search by puppetclass by Manisha15 · Pull Request #341 · theforeman/foreman_puppet · GitHub

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Wonderful! Thank you :pray: