Location / Organization association of Ansible roles / Salt states

Currently, a admin imports Ansible Roles / Salt States. All organizations / locations have access to these roles / states.

For large companies with multiple organizations and locations it make sense to only show the necessary roles / states. Additionally, sometimes roles are only specific for a certain organization and should not be used by another.

Are there reasons, why it is not possible currently, to configure which roles / which states can be used for each organization / locations?

nobody has an opinion?


Do you have an opinion @Marek_Hulan / @aruzicka ?

Sorry, I completely missed this thread somehow. I agree this would be nice. How do you suggest we do this? There can be a lot of roles, editing each seaprately would be hard. Perhaps this should be inherited form the proxy we imported them from? OTOH the host is not being associated to e.g. “Ansible” proxy.

Good idea to re-use the proxy association. maybe we should have something like a “ansible” proxy even if its just a “placeholder” feature.

Maybe we should think about a nice react component which can do the association?

Additionally to location and organization in wch ansible roles / salt states should be managed, the (lifecycle) environment is missing for Ansible and Puppet, too.

It looks like, that its still not possible to manage ansible roles similar to puppet in which you have environments like dev, test prod.

I know, such a concept is missing in ansible but it often make sense. Foreman and Katello have the concept of lifecycle and therefore it would be a good match.

What are your thoughts? Is this something someone would be interested in? I guess, it would be possible to create such location / organization and environment structure even for Ansible and Salt.