Locations and Nested Hostgroups


I'm using Locations in my Hostgroups and nested Hostgroups

Hostgroup "PROD" has the Location "A"
and in the nested Hostgroup "PROD/mail" has the Location "B"

When I create a Host in Hostgroup "PROD/mail" id doesn't fill automatically

  • environment
  • PuppetCA
  • PuppetMaster

But when I add the Location "B" also to Hostgroup "PROD" it works fine!

An other problem is (when "PROD" don't have Location "B"), I configure the
Host and save it
and then I say edit Host, the following error occurs

Host Not Found

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Is there a configuration problem, or worked it as designed
I'm using Foreman 1.3.1 on CentOS 6.4