Looking for a Foreman on Debian volunteer

Hi all,

@lzap and I have been working to open source the Satellite documentation so that the Foreman community has access to a more help and getting started information. We have completed the Provisioning Guide and are now finishing guides on Installing Foreman and Installing an external Smart Proxy.

I have added conditional statements to the source files to build out a Debian version of these guides. What would really help us is to have someone who would volunteer to review a few file paths and suggest the Debian equivalents to add to the docs.

If this sounds like something you could do, please let me know :slight_smile:




I volunteer @Baboon (one of my trainees) for this and blocked him two days beginning of March for this.

Just to make sure he and others interested find the source: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-documentation


Thank you @Dirk! Much appreciated.

I will tag @Baboon in a number of questions on a WIP PR to answer when/if convenient. :smiley:

Hello @mcorr,
if you want to tag me in GitHub, my account is Baboon92



Thank you @Baboon, I will be in touch soon!

Hi @Dirk @Baboon

Hope you are keeping well.

I have a PR open with some queries for the Debian builds:

The live versions of the docs are not feeding from the correct versions of the Debian guides at the moment. You can clone and build locally with the instructions attached linked to in the PR.

I really appreciate your help to make the guides better!