Looking for more SELinux repo maintainers

Hello guys,

we are looking for more SELinux maintainers. Key responsibilities:

  • Testing of SELinux patches
  • Review of SELinux patches
  • Merging stuff
  • Writing own SELinux patches

You can start slowly, testing only needs basic knowledge of selinux from users perspective and ability to build a RPM package (ideally) and Foreman or Satellite production deployment with SELinux turned on.

Review usually involves understanding of what Foreman or plugin does (e.g. creates temporary file) and asking why it does it and if it’s valid access rather than deeply understanding the clunky SELinux m4 macros and syntax.

Merging stuff is just - yeah - hitting the button.

And you can easily get to writing stuff - we have many TODO tickets and more to come.

Here are some good starting points:

See you at github! https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-selinux

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I have the knowledge and I already asked if I can use some of my office time on the topic, so my question would be how and where to start. As a consultant I have no productive environment myself, but most thinks can be reproduced in a local test environment I think. Would be a varying amount of time based on my work load even be helpful? Should I pick up some issues / pull requests I can easily reproduce / resolve / review my own or should it be more coordinated?


Oh yeah sorry by production installation I rather mean installation from RPMs and not development setup which is usually heavily customized.

It is indeed very useful if you can spend any amount of time. There are currently seven my PRs, make a pick, some of them might be old so ask me to rebase or explain more details. Reviews and testing could be great start.

If you prefer to pick issues to work on, they are here:


I do not track priority at the moment, but I can tell there are two kinds of issues: puppet/puppet master and the rest. I would recommend pick the non-puppet issues. Later on we can have a talk about puppet stuff, but it’s a long story :slight_smile: