luna-nightly-rpm-pipeline 556 failed

Luna nightly pipeline failed:

foreman-pipeline-luna-rpm-nightly (failed) (remote job)

[2023-05-23T01:51:59.923Z]     not ok 2 almalinux8 upgrade: import templates from git
[2023-05-23T01:51:59.923Z]     # (in test file fb-test-foreman-templates.bats, line 14)
[2023-05-23T01:51:59.923Z]     #   `hammer import-templates --branch develop --repo' failed with status 70
[2023-05-23T01:51:59.923Z]     # $ [fb-test-foreman-templates.bats, line 14]
[2023-05-23T01:51:59.923Z]     # $ hammer import-templates --branch develop --repo
[2023-05-23T01:51:59.923Z]     # Could not import

I’m guessing this is some networking issue where it can’t clone the git repo. Other pipes did pass.

2023-05-23T01:49:47 [I|app|3d4d1d5f] Backtrace for 'Action failed' error (Git::FailedError): git '-c' 'core.quotePath=true' '-c' 'color.ui=false' 'clone' '--' '' '/tmp/d20230523-8878
8-1gs9see'  2>&1
 3d4d1d5f | status: pid 91038 exit 128
 3d4d1d5f | output: "Cloning into '/tmp/d20230523-88788-1gs9see'...\nfatal: unable to access '': OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to \n"

Yes, absolutely :slight_smile:

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