Maintainers needed for journald-logger and journald-native rubygems

Hello, Foreman core and now Foreman Proxy rely on two nice rubygems providing low-level access to system journal (journald):

The original author don’t have time for maintaining these little but useful gems and suggested to transfer ownership to our community. I will maintain those rubygems to make sure they are in good shape with latest and greatest Ruby and systemd versions so we can continue using them for structured logging.

I am not sure how github ownership transfer works, poking @Gwmngilfen or @ohadlevy or @tbrisker for assistance on our side. I will ask the author to proceed unless there are some objections:

However our code standard requires at least two people with commit rights to be able to review patches. Volunteers needed for this, sign up in this thread.

Thanks all.


I am the author. Please contact me at the issues

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It’s now in progress.

All done, ping me if anything is missing.

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Thanks. I am trying to setup Travis CI but I am struggling with this. There’s some problem, Travis is not recognizing this git repo. It used to have (legacy) integration which was turned of, I deleted it but yet it does not work for me. I don’t have admin rights for foreman group on Travis.