Managing Sprints and Open PRs


Goal: I would like constrained sprints that target a set of issues at
their start, and when done with the sprint, all issues on that were on
the sprint are closed (minimizing roll over, and maximizing focus).

As some (hopefully most) may have noticed, updates a few weeks back to
the prprocessor enabled setting of an issues status, assigned sprint
and pull request field. Specifically, when a PR is opened the Redmine
issue state is set to 'Ready for Testing' and assigned automatically
to the current sprint. This has led to each sprint containing a large
number of issues, as those PRs that are not closed within the sprint
are rolled over and new ones created. Sometimes these PRs are created
by those who participate in Sprint planning and the Scrum process.
Sometimes these PRs are created by community members who are outside
of the normal process.

Per the goal I mentioned, I would like a sprint to reflect the work
intended to be completed by the end of the sprint. That may or may not
include picking issues worked on by those who do not participate in
the core process, but that the team responsible for getting the code
into the codebase wants to commit to getting it in before the end of
the sprint.

I see two possible solutions, and would like your feedback given
developer workflows.

  1. Change the prprocessor to only set the Sprint field when the issue
    is closed. Issues can still be manually assigned to a sprint and this
    would not remove the automatic change of status to 'Ready For
    Testing'. This would simply not put PR X onto the Sprint unless a
    conscious decision is made to commit to that issue for the sprint.

  2. Keep things the way they are and, for at least managing the Katello
    sprints, the sprint is manually pruned of issues that appear in the
    'Ready for Testing' state. This would include a save Redmine search to
    show all issues in the 'Ready for Testing' state easily.

I am open to other ideas as well. Thanks for the feedback.