Media field is frozen

I am trying to create new host but the field where I am suppose to choose the media from is frozen.

I am using Centos7 2009

What version of Foreman are you using?
Are you using Foreman or Foreman with Katello?
Have you used this guide up until now? Provisioning Guide

I honestly don’t know how to check the version.
I ddidn’t install Katello, do I have to ?
However, I managed to get around the above mentioned issue.
I had to customize the provisining templates and associate my client with it, and also customized my os with also the templates and tables.

Now, I have a server (foreman server) and a client (without os) both on the same subnet, both running as vm on vmware workstation

The issue remains when I try to boot the client , it gets dhcp ip, but TFTP fails always.
The guide it tooo long, I will give it a try anyway.

The below pic is for the client that has no os within, and i try to boot it with TFTP.


Edit: Nevermind, I posted a suggestion to update your browser but it looks like you got past that point.

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So what is the status? What plugins do you have installed? I haven’t seen this one yet.