Media Selection will return to All Media even select Synced Conent originally

Hi all,

I fresh install a new Foreman 3.7 & Katello 4.9 via official document as below
Installing Foreman Server with Katello 4.9 Plugin on CentOS/RHEL

I have also created a product whcih named CentOS Stream under Content > Products. For the repo, I follow this reference Creating Repositories to Synchronize

After sync process done, I create a VM from Linux KVM host and trying to provision this VM under Discovered Hosts menu. However, the Media Selection always return to All Media even I select Synced Content originally.

Here are somc screenshots what I configure for this VM.

So, have I missed something or configuration wrong? How can I achieve provision this testing VM via local synced repo?

Is it jumping back after the initial creation (so after submit, going back to the host it shows the wrong value)? If yes, this did not affect provisioning in my case, but there is a similar bug for provisioning by boot disk.

@Dirk Hi Dirk,

Yes, you are right. After submit, the GUI is going back to show some wrong value under Operating System tab and asking me to select Media Selection again. In that moment, I only can select All Medias and then, the Media field only shows what I configured under Operating Systems.

Back to your explanation, if it still workiing for provision VM. What media should I select? Will it provision the VM from Internet mirror or local Katello content?

If you create the host and it is in build mode afterwards it should be correctly using your local Katello, you can verify this by looking at the template preview. There you should see your local URL and none from the Internet.

Regarding the internet mirror “CentOS Stream” would be the correct one for CentOS Stream 8, “CentOS 8 mirror” is CentOS Linux 8 and “CentOS Stream 9 mirror” is CentOS Stream 9. And yes, changing the URL with every release is annoying, but this is nothing the Foreman Project can influence.

This looks like Bug #36721: Discovery Provisioning fails as the sync media is getting diminished from the host page even though it's synced - Katello - Foreman

which should be resolved in Katello 4.10.

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@Dirk Thanks for your reply.

I think I met the issue what you mentioned

but there is a similar bug for provisioning by boot disk

If I skip katello machanism, just want VM provision via CentOS Stream which you explained for CentOS Stream 8. The VM is reboot after click submit. But it still back to discovering flow and display as below screenshot. Is it the similar bug you mentioned? (like booting cycle)

Also the Foreman server will show this VM status error eventually.

Is there any reference to fix this issue?

Slight update about my trail and error. FYI

I refresh install a new Foreman 3.8 with Katello 4.10 on CentOS Stream 8 and then, provision the VM from default mirror$major-stream/BaseOS/$arch/os is succcessfully now. The boot loop does not happen in this new environmnet.

I will download the content for Katello and verify if provision VM via Katello repo.

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