Merge machine with the same fqdn


We are using Satelitte to create windows VM. They are called :
But, windows OS joins an AD domain named : services.ddn

So, when Puppet agent sends his inventory, foreman sees this VM like a new host.

He creates the : and tries to add a network interface with
But this network interface is used by the “real” server
In the foreman log, we have an error like this :

2019-12-09T12:13:27 [W|app|5e53d127] Saving Ethernet0 NIC for host failed, skipping because:
2019-12-09T12:13:27 [I|app|] Started GET "/node/

I have forced in the puppet agent conf to use the certname like : and add node_value_name but same result

Is it possible to change this and merge them in ?

Satelitte : 6.5.1
Foreman : 1.20
Puppet agent : latest

Thank you for your help