Migrate Agents / Clients

Here’s the section on remote execution in the nightly docs: Managing Hosts

We don’t have great documentation about Simple Content Access at the moment, but here’s a discussion about it (the first post has the basics): [RFC] Making things easier when working with custom products & Simple Content Access (SCA)

Thank you so much for your help & apologies for the delayed revert!
If the katello-agent is deprecated, I think I would rather stick to the remote execution. I shall study the nightly doc which you have referred & let you know if I have any queries.

Aside, one query I have as you mention earlier, subscription-manager must be already installed on a client to get registered with Foreman. I checked and found out that if the base OS is installed, subscription-manager is not available on the system & to have the prerequisite in place, I have to grant internet access to client first to have it installed and then initiate a Foreman registration process.

Is there any way where I can download/install the subscription-manager package from the foreman itself? (using wget or something) If that is possible, then I do not need to connect to the internet.


If you have synchronized a repo which contains subscription-manager and its dependencies for Foreman, then yes: Go to Content > Products, select the product and repo, and copy the Published At URL. You can access all content if Publish via HTTPS and Unprotected are set to Yes. Either click on the link and search individual packages; or add the repo to your host.

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