Migrate Foreman to Satellite 6

Forgive me if this questions may have already been asked. I currently don’t see a reply or reference to any documentation. We are running Foreman 2.1.3. We use Foreman to build out new vm’s integrated with VMWare. We would like to migrate the vm’s managed by Foremen to Satellite 6 so we can manage all vm’s from Satellite. I am trying to research if this is possible, and if so, how can it be done, can anyone point me to some documentation how to do it? Thanks.

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How to migrate Foreman to Satellite.

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I think an important question is whether you’re using Katello or not. Migrations from vanilla Foreman to Katello (which is included in Satellite) are technically possible but not really supported (there’s a few edge cases where you have to know what you’re doing).

Another complication is you’re on Foreman 2.1, but the just released Satellite 6.8 is based on 1.24. I wouldn’t recommend downgrading a database.

That means you may need to rebuild your environment.

@evgeni can foreman-ansible-modules be used to easily port data from one to the other?

Satellite 6.8 is based on 2.1/3.16, 6.7 was 1.24 :wink:
But I’m kinda sure such a cross-grade wouldn’t be officially supported, and given support is the one of the reasons to get Satellite…

Anyways, to your question. It’s possible, but not easily. The best I know is https://github.com/RedHatSatellite/sync-satellite-org - that’s a role to dump a given satellite into a set of playbooks that should be able to replay that into a different system. It hasn’t been updated for a while tho :frowning:

If you don’t need to keep the historic data about your clients, you could schedule a Remote Execution script on each Foreman 2.1.3 client. Write your remote script to perform the registration to whichever Satellite version you are running.

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Ok, Thanks for the replys guys.