Migration to a new foreman - puppet master


How do you have managed the migration of your old puppet master to a
new puppet master with foreman (0.4.2) ?

What do you think about the following process for 500 hosts :

  • for each client, change the puppet configuration with the new
    puppet master host name, delete the directory " /var/lib/puppet/
    ssl" (automate this with a puppet module/manifest)
  • on the puppet master, sign the certificates
  • foreman create each host automatically
  • on the foreman hosts page, select the created hosts and change the
  • you have to associate this group with your puppet classes
  • if needed you can edit a host, to add a specific class (to do this
    activate the "manage host" button, set the root password, add your
    classes and save)

Any links/advices would be greatly appreciated