Minor Bug: Error message doesn't show in "all messages" display

I have a failed Puppet run that mostly shows up properly in Foreman except
that the "all messages" page doesn't show the error. When I switch to
"Warnings & Errors" the message appears. Switch back and it disappears
again. The next Puppet run on the same system, failed again (expected) and
this one shows up properly in Foreman.

Fri May 24 16:38:31 +0000 2013
On a VM that was reverted to a fairly recent snapshot
Run puppet. Fails with error
Failed to apply catalog: Could not find dependent
Service[name_of_windows_service] for
Look at Foreman's list of Puppet Runs
Table of Puppet runs shows that the run failed
Drill into the run
"All Messages" does not show the failure
"Warnings and Errors" shows the message

Probably just a minor bug. If you're interested in further investigation,
send me some DB commands and I'll send you the output. No biggie if this
isn't worth the trouble.

Larry Fast