Mis_match checksums client EL7 latest

When syncing the Foreman Client EL7 lastest repository I get checksum mis_match errors for 4 rpms.


I expect all files to be able to be sync’d successfully.

Foreman 1.24.2

CentOS 7

can someone from @packaging please take a look? Also, can you please verify that you don’t have any proxy in between you and the foreman repos? these have been known to sometimes mess with checksums.

What exact repo URL are you trying to sync? You say “latest”, but then mention Foreman 1.24.2?

Are you syncing the “latest” repo to a Foreman 1.24.2? The “latest” repo gets new signatures on each Foreman release, so the RPM checksums could really change and that could confuse Pulp.

Here is the URL I’m using.


I upgraded to 1.24.3 to see if that helped and I still have the issue. There are no intermediary proxies. Those 4 packages are still failling but I am able to sync the other 11 in the repo just fine. I also see an issue with the EL 6 client:


I have a test environment that is running 2.0.1 and it is having the same issue.

I upgraded my test environment to 2.0.2 and still have the issue.

Yeah, the issue is not on your side :slight_smile:

I’ve purged the CDN, should be better now.

I can confirm that the EL 7 packages are good, but the EL 6 client still fails for rubygem-foreman_scap_client-doc

I’ll purge EL6 later when at my laptop. Thanks for confirming!

and done

I can confirm that all repos are syncing as planned now. Thank you!