Missing packages in 1.19RC1 plugin repository?

foreman-installer fails on missing plugin packages :

There may have other missing packages, I stopped the installer at these errors.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
1.19RC1 / Katello scenario

Other relevant data:
I tried to run foreman-installer with the same command I did for 1.18, and these packages are indeed in 1.18 repository http://yum.theforeman.org/plugins/1.18/el7/x86_64/

created Bug #24418: katello scenario with some plugins fails because of missing packages in formean-plugins repository - Katello - Foreman

It looks like the whole 1.19 plugins tag was not created in koji. Creating that and going to ensure all packages are tagged.

Took me a bit longer than expected but I’ve corrected the koji tags and pushed the packages. I now see the missing packages you mentioned. My install is still running so I can’t confirm it’s really fixed.

Looks like I messed up the GPG config for plugins as well. I’ve submitted a PR to fix it and will test it now.


Thanks for your answers. Please comment in this thread when it will published so I could test again.

You can work around it by installing foreman-release and then disabling GPG checking in /etc/yum.repos.d/foreman-plugins.repo. I think that should at least allow you to install and test. Will update here ofc when it’s fixed.

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Yes, package updates finished without problems, thank you.