Moving Katello packages to


historically, Katello packages were served on instead of our

Since the move of our yum repo behind the Fastly CDN, we had a long standing task to move over Katello to the proper home, but never executed on it – until today. You can now get Katello nightlies from Index of /katello/nightly and others will follow as they are released to Index of /katello.

The old location will not disappear, so you can still get old releases from there. 4.0 GA will also show up there, but nothing in the 4.0 release should refer to that repository anymore. Even if you install the katello-repos-latest.rpm from there, it will contain repositories.

Right now we don’t have any plans for syncing the old, historical content over to, as long as still serves it.

We won’t publish 4.1 and later on