Moving split debs to testing

Hi all

(Apologies for cross posting, but testing users might not be on the -dev list)

As discussed just under a week ago, the nightlies have been properly
split into multiple packages. Shortly I'll promote this to the testing
repo so I can start to do more work on the nightlies. Hopefully nobody
on nightly is having an issue with the new package structure :slight_smile:

Next step is to properly package the gem dependencies so that we can
remove all the horrible gem-building dependencies. However, this makes
the gem packages architecture dependant, so there may be some breakage
in the nightlies if you're on 32bit. I'll fix that once the 64bit
packages are finished, as it requires either working out some
cross-compile fun, or getting a second buildhost.

I aim to push the current nightly package structure to testing on Friday.


Slightly later than planned, but the split packages are now in testing

  • and bumped to 1.0rc4 for your amusement. Please report any bugs as
    per usual :slight_smile:

I'm making progress with proper packages for the gem dependencies - I
should be able to release those to nightly tomorrow. Those on nightly
should expect some breakage, especially if you're on 32bit, as I'm
only building for 64bit at the moment. More discussion on that will be
had on -dev as per usual - if you're using the nightlies regularly and
are not subscribed to the -dev list, I'd advise it.


··· On 10 July 2012 12:31, Greg Sutcliffe wrote: > Hi all > > I aim to push the current nightly package structure to testing on Friday.