MS Windows Provisioning

Great question, I'm getting close to it, I'm using WDS, and it works
partially unattended. I have some thoughts, need to put it "on paper",
would appreciate any sort of discussion or thoughts.

I have a linux pxe boot image on my WDS server, that is loaded first.
There, I have a list of items that include linux kickstarter powerded items
and right next to it - wds item.
After wim is installed on a new server, system boots and installs puppet
via chocolatey and requests a new certificate from puppet master. I decided
to include chocolatey into base wim, but you can do that as a installation
From that point puppet will do it's job.

My first question here is - how do you manage that kind of side-by-side
situation with Windows and Linux?
Second question - how do you automate pxelinux.cfg on Windows via foreman
(probably it is the same way as on Linux)?
Third one - the most important - how do I tell WDS from foreman which
image to choose and is it possible at all? I know I can prestage a server
and select correct boot image either it is Windows or pxelinux…
There is wdsutil /approve-AutoAddDevices, where I can specify what will the
boot image be, but I guess we have to add foreman-proxy functionality in
order to do mimic tftp functionality with WDS via wdsutil, please correct
me if I'm wrong.

I'd really like to have it going, as I like the idea of having one
centralized "dashboard" for all provisions in non-heterogeneous environment.

Also, I don't really want to use sccm, as it is not free and the whole idea
with opensource gets spoiled with propreitary software (well it was spoiled
by Windows itself, lol, but I can't do anything with it here).

Really appreciate any feedback, also feel free to find me on freenode
#theforeman, under kireevco.

··· On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 7:36:53 AM UTC-8, stefano ciavarella wrote: > > Hi, > I have one question :"How to provision ms windows server with Foreman ? " > > ....that's all :) > > thanks in advance for suggestions > > >