Name-Generator based on locations / hostgroups / variables

Hi all,

just a short idea: Do you think it would be possible to implement name generation based on locations / hostgroups etc?
Is there any attribute or option to set a specific name generation?
In our company we use some kind of concatination of a buildingnumber (alphanumerical), fixed string and a number counting up. Each servername is unique and needs to be unique.

Is there any way right now and i just missed it? or do you think there are others which might be interested and it is worth to be implemented?
what do you think about this idea?


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At the moment it is a global setting in Settings > Provisioning > Type of name generator.

The name generator itself is actually a separate ruby gem:

Hi Dirk,

yes - i found that option already, but it has no option to customize the generated string.
Maybe it’s worth a feature request?
Anyone else got an idea? How do you solve it in daily operating?