Need to blow away and restart Puppet/Foreman deployment

Hey everyone, my name’s Ty and I’m not much of a DevOps person (yet.) I have 20 years’ experience in ITOps management and a lot of background in Perl and shell scripting.

That said, I’m having a frustrating time with Puppet/Foreman deployment. My goal is to use Foreman as a front-end to a Puppet environment consisting of a RHEL7 master and numerous (perhaps hundreds, ultimately) Windows and Linux nodes running Puppet 5.x.

Our use case for Puppet is simple: We want to be able to push out software packages to, and maintain config files on, these nodes … though down the road we may extend its functionality.

My first experience deploying Foreman 1.16 in a lab environment has been frustrating, and I think that’s probably because I’d tried installing Puppet agent on what’s now the Foreman (and, now, Puppet master) host. Thinking maybe I just need to blow everything away on the Foreman/Puppet master and restart. Any suggestions ?

Hey guys, this issue is resolved. The issue was not with Foreman itself but Puppet, and I resolved it by blowing away using this process:

Thanks for reading !