New CR for cloudstack

I finally got approval to open source this:

It works, but its quite ugly. The worst bit being a hack to gzip cloudstack
userdata in ./app/models/concerns/orchestration/compute.rb.


  • Only advanced networking is supported
  • Zone selection is not supported

I did include a vagrant file which should allow you to test this on
cloudstack without knowing anything about cloudstack. Just do 'vagrant up'
and configure the CR with the default image available in Cloudstack.

Also it seems that there is a bug in this version of cloudstack which you
can workaround by running this:

mysql -uroot cloud -e "update configuration set value = 'false' where name
= 'router.version.check';"

and restarting cloudstack. I attempt to do this in the Vagrantfile but it
doesnt seem to be working.

Thanks for reading!