New Foreman 2.0 Installation, unable to delete discovered host

I can’t delete a discovered host, keep getting this error:
undefined method `remote_execution_proxies’ for #Host::Discovered:0x00007ffba07b6b20

Hi, is there a stack trace around this error?

See attached.

Seems like someone forgot the discovery all around the SSH orchestration feature? (seems like it’s a really new feature for dropping the ssh keys).
I looked at other known bugs for that and none of them actually used disocvery.

Is there a way to make a quick workaround?production_remote_execution.log (16.9 KB)

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I caught the same problem after upgrade to 2.1.0.
Deleting fresh discovered (pxe fdi) host lead to error “undefined method `remote_execution_proxies’ for #Host::Discovered:0x00007f90d8ec73e8” with trace Trace

Sorry for the delay, we started tracking it as issue #30399 and we have a PR theforeman/foreman_remote_execution#517 which hopefully should fix this for good.

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