New Foreman and Smart Proxy Release

Hi All,

This is a maintenance release, and most likely the last release of foreman
supporting Ruby older than 1.87 (The proxy would still run on older
versions of ruby as far as we can support it).

if you have no idea what foreman is about, feel free to review

This release mostly contains many small UI fixes and features, PostgreSQL
related bugs and dashboard notifications.

If you are provisioning hosts via foreman, it is highly recommended to
upgrade to this version, as it solves an issue when foreman was unable to
rollback actions on failures #1386 [1] (e.g. dns / dhcp records etc).

The complete change log for foreman can be found here [2] and for the proxy
at [3]

[1] - Bug #1386: The same dns::record should be used during rollback - Foreman
[2] -
[3] -

Many thanks to all contributes and users,

Have fun,