New forgeries seeder for development

Good news everyone! We merged a rake task that can function as an initial seeder. This is intended to fill development setups with data. It’s still limited

How to use it:

bundle exec rake seed:forgeries

This then creates some operating systems, organizations, domains and hosts. It respects the organizations enabled setting. You can set the count by the env var COUNT. Patches welcome to make this configurable per type.

You can also explicitly create hosts:

COUNT=1000 bundle exec rake seed:forgeries:hosts

It works by using the factories and the name generator we already have for testing so you get somewhat distributed data.

In the PR we agreed that this is the first step. Patches to expand it to more data types are very welcome. See the actual commit for all the details:


Awesome. This needs to go in the handbook, as soon as we’re happy with it :slight_smile: