New forum category proposal: Tutorials


I am wondering if a new category called Tutorials (or similar) would help to encourage users to convert their installation experience into reusable howtos. Discourse allows converting posts to wiki, we could easily keep them updated and having discussion on a single page.

We do have a blog, but it’s likely far away for users, it has a different syntax than discourse and generally it’s better suited for announcements. The new section would complement our blog for faster-paced living set of howtos and tutorials on various topics.


I’ve pondered on a how-to style category for a while, if there’s more support for this then it’s trivial to implement (the counterargument is that too many categories makes it hard to find things…)

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Great, give like or speak up here if you have concerns. I already have couple of tutorials to publish in my head.


May I plead :pleading_face: for an “iPXE UEFI HTTP” auto provisioned setup of a

  1. physical machine with KVM-QEMU

    followed by an

  2. virtual machine deployed onto the KVM-QEMU

I believe this would touch all bases for a beginner to get going much quicker.

Lucky guy. I am just finishing this tutorial, my idea was to publish it as the very first entry in our new section :slight_smile:

Let me write this for you and we can move the category later. Hold my :beer:

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Too late, I made it for you already. #tutorials is now a thing :slight_smile:

Thanks! I do see it but I am unable to assign my post to it. Probably permissions?

Everyone should have read/write/see permissions there, but I moved it for you anyway.

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Thanks now I see it, probably cache.

Thanks for setting up the new tutorials section.

To improve visibility, \would it be possible to move it towards the top of the nav bar on the left? Right now it’s near the bottom and can get easIly missed:

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I have reordered it a bit, but this is probably something more people have an opinion about. I’ll happily take suggestions here.

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