New member - An Introduction

Hello my fellow Foreman people -

I would like to share what bring me to this community.

I’m a sysadmin at a Software Company, responsible for a “traditional” infrastructure and a cloud infrastructure. Both are hosted in-house.

Foreman seems to have a good use case within our traditional infrastructure.

Our traditional infrastructure has automated deployments of Windows and Linux servers using VCenter’s API and powershell. We use FreeIPA to indirectly integrate our Linux landscape with Active Directory. Futhermore, we utilize Ansible for all post-provisioning configuration, including joining machines to FreeIPA Realm and also installing patches.

I came across Foreman while looking for software which can manage local repositories for storing patches. After looking further into Foreman, it looks to be be a great way for managing a large portion of our traditional infrastructure.

My goal is to deploy a Foreman system which simplifies the interface into our process management of the traditional infrastructure. Currently, this is all done via command line. It would be nice to have centralized system and UI for managing this infrastructure.

The first step is to incorporate our current Ansible infrastructure with Foreman. Once this is in a good state, I’ll bolt on repository management to get local mirrors of distro specific patch repositories.

We’ll see where things go from there.

Wish me luck!


Welcome to the community!

Hi @squadguy,

Welcome to the community!

Hope everything is going well so far.