New release of the remote execution plugin is available

The remote execution team is happy to announce our fifth release, which includes
the 0.2.2 update to foreman_remote_execution. The remote execution plugin
enables Foreman to run arbitrary commands on remote hosts, currently via SSH
although additional providers are planned.

The documentation[0] has been updated and includes an overview of each of the
new features.

This release supports both Foreman 1.10 and nightlies. Packages are now available
for RPM- and DEB-based distros.

A full list of issues is available at [1], but your help is particularly
appreciated in testing the below. If you come across any issues, please file a
bug in our redmine tracker [2].

Job names renamed to category - #12812

··· ====================================== Previously, you had the possibility to have a job name ("Install Package") and multiple templates that implement it ("Install RPM - SSH", "Install DEB - SSH"), but users found this difficult to use. Job names have been removed, and jobs are now only created based on the template. The name field has been repurposed to group templates by category.

Render a template from another - #13240

Render a template from another, and pass in particular inputs. This allows for
example a generic “install foreman” job and other jobs such as “install foreman
with remote execution” and “install foreman with chef support.” More details
are available in the manual[0].

API + CLI for recurring and delayed jobs - #12684

API and CLI now support scheduling recurring and delayed jobs.

[0] Foreman :: Plugin Manuals
[2] Foreman