New sponsor slave & Reclaiming a rackspace slave

Hi all,

NETWAYS have sponsored us a new 4Gb / 4cpu slave which is now up and
running and processing jobs in Jenkins. Thanks guys!

I'd like to use this to turn off one of the 4/4 rackspace slaves -
that's means net-no-change to CI, but would avoid the small amount of
over-spend we currently see in the Rackspace billing.

If there's budget space, I might instead replace the 4/4 node with a 2/2
node and use it for metrics - I'd like to run logstash for the webnode
so we can do better analytics, but at ~3 GB of logs per day, it needs to
be in the same datacentre.

More slaves are incoming by the way, as is the webnode's CDN. Watch this