New version of content view promoted to lifecycle environment - but smart-proxy still shows the old content

My CentOS 7 Base OS Repo was missing some files and I needed a full sync.
I published a new version of the content view and promoted it to the environment where I need it.
But on the smart proxy that is responsible for managing that environment, the new content is not visible.
I think I heard that there is some sort of cache, but I can’t find the posting anymore.
I did sync the smart proxy after promoting the new version, but it did not help.

Expected outcome:
Packages should be visible once a new version has been promoted to a lifecycle environment

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:

CentOS 7

OK, so it seems one needs to do a “full sync” to the smart-proxy, instead of an “optimized” sync.

From the wording, I thought it would create a 1:1 copy of the repo on the smart-proxy (which would be prohibitive, from a disk-space point of view), but it seems to do the “right” thing…

Glad it worked out for you!

Yes. But now I have that bug where you can’t download packages from a smart-proxy because it tries to fetch them from the foreman server with the wrong path. :frowning: