Next Foreman Community Demo - Thu 15 Sep 3pm [GMT+1]

Hi all

It's once again time for the Foreman Community Demo, on Thu 15 Sep. So, join us for
a review of new & interesting developments from around our community. As ever,
more information is available on the event page [1] and the show agenda is
available on the Foreman wiki [2].

You'll notice that this event is now entirely handled through YouTube - Google
has deprecated the old way of doing things, so we have to move on - do bear
with us if there's any hiccups while we get used to it. It's also one hour
later than usual - I've had requests to move it slightly later, so we'll if
this works for people. Obviously, get in touch with me if you'd rather see it
moved back :slight_smile:

If you have anything new, cool tips, etc, that you'd like to share with the
community, please do let me know and I can arrange for you to be on the demo,
or (if you can't make it) I can demo for you.

As ever, we encourage live participation via the Hangouts Q&A app, or in IRC
(#theforeman on Freenode). For those that can't attend, the video will be
posted to YouTube afterwards.

If you'd like to know when other Foreman events are happening, do check out our
Events page on the Foreman website [3].

[2] Current Sprint Information - Foreman
[3] Foreman :: Foreman Events


ยทยทยท -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

If you couldn't join us live, the recording of this demo is now available.
Thanks as ever to our presenters for an packed demo! Below is the agenda
and timecodes for the various parts:

Community updates/stats -
Roles for Orgs and Locs -
RAM field for libvirt, ovirt -
Ansible playbooks with remote execution -
Infoblox support in installer -
Manual Applicability Generation in Katello -
Applicable Packages api -
Auto-generate update descriptions -
CCV UI upgrade indicators -
Content - RHEL 7 container in an Atomic Host -
OSTree Branch Search -
Katello puppet 3 to 4 upgrade via installer -
Omit value checkbox -
Rewrite of MS DHCP provider -

As ever, feel free to dive in with questions here, on the IRC channel, or
on the YouTube video. Thanks for watching!