Nginx yum repo not taking precedence over over appstream repo

Trying to install nginx on a Rocky Linux 8 host which has both the nginx yum mainline repo and the default Rocky Linux 8 AppStream repo will always try to install from AppStream. I’ve gotten this working by adding module_hotfixes = true to the repo config on the host’s /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo file but I’m wondering if there is a way to set this globally in order to not modify this file directly on every single host.

The subscription-manager command equivalent for adding this override is

subscription-manager repo-override --add module_hotfixes:true --repo <repo_label>

replacing repo_label with the label shown by subscription-manager repos.

I suppose you could run this on multiple hosts using remote execution. However, as far as natively adding overrides in a user-friendly way, Katello currently only supports the enabled value (not the module_hotfixes value).

(Other values you may consider using are priority and cost – see man dnf.conf “Repository options” section.)

This solution works. Would be neat if Katello supported it out of the box but remote execution would work here in this case. Thanks!