No client registration steps for CentOS 7 in client install

In looking at the documentation, the Client Installation section (1.3) is worded in such a way that it implies this is the step required to install a new server (aka Client) to the Katello environment Client machines can be added in one of two ways: manually or via a provisioned host.. I am documenting the install process for implementation for migrating off Space Walk to Katello and on first read I believed it was an entire install process including new server registration to Katello, which does need to happen at some point.

Can the wording be clarified to something along the lines of the Katello Client (katello-host-tools) package is to provide data from the client to the Katello Master/Smart Proxy, but doesn’t register the host to Katello/Foreman? That step is in the User Guide.

Thank you for the feedback @jjperry69, we appreciate it and would be happy to improve the documentation where it is not clear enough.
The entire website source is at - would you be willing to open a Pull Request with the needed changes? The website is almost all written in markdown, so no special knowledge is required to contribute to it and we would be very thankful for any improvements.
I believe the page you are referring to is - and if you do, don’t forget to also update while you’re at it, so that the next version of the manual will also contain the change.

Thanks. I will look over and locate the sections that need clarification to do the modifications for review.