No login prompt after installation is finished

Problem: When a VM was provisioned it usually ends up in the login screen in the console session.
But now since I’ve updated Foreman a lot and also the templates the console session is unusable. You can’t do anything here. A restart fixes the problem and the VM is luckily working, so we can ssh into it etc.

Expected outcome: After the installation reboot I would like to see the log in prompt again in the console session.

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman server 3.2, proxies 3.0

Distribution and version: Foreman server: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Foreman proxies Ubuntu 18.04

Other relevant data:
This is how the console session looks like after the installation:

Unfortunately, I can’t edit my post anymore. We are installing here Ubuntu 20.04.

this seems to be a problem with how ubuntu sets up the VT’s

I’ve been working on this a while now and not got it fixed yet, but I was making progress in the post section of the template using ‘chvt’

it’s on my list of things to sort, it is annoying, but it’s only caused me an actual problem when the initial puppet run didn’t work which didn’t enable remote ssh access correctly. I appreciate that’s not the point, but it’s just been low on the list due to it not causing an unworkable problem, but it is annoying

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with how ubuntu sets up the VT’s

Maybe you can help me to understand this better.

So Ubuntu causes this issue here? Would this also happen if I install U20 manually in a hypervisor?
Or are the provisioning templates that Foreman provides are wrong?
If so: What about U22? Is this problem there, too?

it’s not ubuntu’s problem - it’s the foreman provisioning scripts not setting the correct VT and how the virtual console is displayed. I’ll take another look at this this week, as 20.04.3 and later is not currently working (to my knowledge) with foreman provisioning without hacks, it may now need more effort to look into

@ikonia I am running on Foreman 3.2. Maybe the templates are working in Foreman 3.5? Which version do you use?

But right now it is not possible for me to continue upgrading.
There is this DHCPD bug which kills me when running on Ubuntu 20 or higher which is required for Foreman. Ofc there is there is a workaround, but does make the situation not better at all.
And also the DNS proxy issue.
So I could upgrade Foreman server, but I don’t know if the proxies would work with a version diff of 5.

@Marek_Hulan Since we’ve talked about the templates here which seemed to be not a Foreman issue, the described problem in this ticket looks more than a bug in Foreman config, doesn’t it?