No module of kernel was found

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 1.17


when I start the installation of Debian 9, my unattend installation stops on an image with the following informations:

[!!] Download installation components
No kernel module was found. The kernel version used
by the installation program is probably different from that
present in the Debian archive.
If you perform the installation using a mirror from the archive
Debian, you can work around this problem by installing another
Debian version. The installation will probably fail if you
continue without loading the kernel modules.
Should I proceed with the installation without loading the kernel modules?

In the log i have this

Jul 16 21 14:57 net-retriever: gpgv: Good signature Debian Stable Release Key (9/stretch) (>
Jul 16 21 14:57 anna[3793]: 2018707716 21 14:57 URL [50724/50724] 7
“/tmp/_fetch_url-netriever-3797-Packages.3829” [1]

Jul 16 21 14:57 anna[3793]: 2018707716 21 14:57 URL [32/32] 7 /tmp/_fetch_url_netriever-3797-Packages.3850" [1]

Jul 16 21 14:57 anna[3793]: UHRHIHG **: no packages matching running kernel 4.9.0-6-amd64 in archive

Thank for help

Can you confirm the kernel and initrd files on your TFTP proxy are what you expect (i.e. download the correct ones yourself and compare file checksums)? This feels to me like a mirror mismatch similar.

I found the solution to my problem:
In foreman, I specified major version 9 and minor version 5

but before I did not need to specify the minor version

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