NO PXE-Loader

Everytime I reinstall Foreman, I get different I get different issue.
This time, the PXE loader field is empty and there is no option to fill it in.

Hey @Ameen90

How many times have you reinstalled Foreman?

Do you follow any guides when you’re setting up Foreman and starting to provision? If so can you share?

3-4 times, I am using this insruction :-1:

Any particular reason why you are using the Foreman 1.17 manual?

This is the current version: Foreman :: Manual

Well the PXE Loader field was added 5 years ago and all the hosts should be automatically updated to PXELinux BIOS on upgrade. You can read more in the original design proposal at Your post does not say how you install the Foreman. Was that foreman-installer method? How was this fs.localdomain host created? In case it’s unmanaged host, you can’t change this provisioning aspect of it. I’d agree we can hide the field in such case, however even unmanaged host can have some PXE Loader set in case it was created as managed host. Why do you see this as an issue? Would the value “unknown” help to set the expectation (it’s perfectly OK to have some unknown value for unmanaged hosts)