Nominate Chris Roberts and Amit Upadhye as maintainers of hammer_cli_foreman_azure_rm

I’d like to nominate @Chris_Roberts and @upadhyeammit as maintainers of hammer_cli_foreman_azure_rm. @upadhyeammit has worked within the code base and @Chris_Roberts has knowledge both in maintaining a hammer_cli project and in the workings of Azure. I believe the current maintainers are all mostly focused elsewhere and this would help get movement on rare but necessary changes such as Fixes #32562 - include cloud in the hammer output by evgeni · Pull Request #15 · theforeman/hammer_cli_foreman_azure_rm · GitHub


@cintrix84 this guy? :wink:

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Yea… maybe these are two accounts we need to merge or purge one?

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I have updated Github and rubygems for these new maintainers.