Nominating Bernhard Suttner for Foreman core commit access

I would like to nominate @Bernhard_Suttner for commit access to foreman core. Bernhard has been a very active reviewer (list of reviews). Bernhard is a long-time contributor to Foreman with many code contributions.

He improved the compute-resources code in core and made plugins development to work better with foreman, he improved the application UX and worked on provision templates.

Bernhard also contributes to Katello and to several other plugins such as: foreman-packaging, foreman_discovery, foreman_remote_execution, foreman_salt, puppet_foreman, and more.

Today he is also actively reviewing the open Provisioning templates PRs in Foreman, and I believe we would greatly benefit from having Bernhard as a core maintainer.

Please comment your opinion or press the like button to indicate your support. If someone has reason to object and wishes to stay anonymous, please send me a private message.


A week has passed, there have been multiple maintainers who expressed their support, and no objections were raised. @Marek_Hulan could you please add commit access permission to sbernhard (Bernhard Suttner) · GitHub?

Welcome to the core maintainers team @Bernhard_Suttner!

The invitation has been sent! Congratulations @Bernhard_Suttner, welcome aboard!


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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