Nominating Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden for core commit access


As most of you likely know, @ekohl is a very long time member of the community and a committer in several of our most critical repos, such as infra and packaging. He is also currently in charge of the 1.19 release process. He has contributed lots of code and reviewed plenty of PRs to the core repos over all the years he’s been contributing to the project, I think I can save you the links in this case. I believe granting him commit access to the core repos will only increase his ability to contribute.

If there are any concerns, please feel free to reply or reach out to me in private. Assuming no concerns are raised, I’ll add him to the core committers group on github in one week - August 2nd.


+1 from my side, but AFAIU since he is in the packaging group, he already
has access to foreman core repo?

Technically true, for Foreman core only, that was added to make sure packaging has to ack changes to bundle or package.json. I think the agreement to grant access to packaging team was only for the context of packaging changes (due to the way codeowners on github works).

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A week has passed with no objections, welcome @ekohl!

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Thanks everyone!