Nominating Jeremy Lenz for Katello commit access

Even though Jeremy has been working with us for less than 10 months he has had an impressive impact throughout our project. He’s authored 14 merged pull requests and reviewed over 30 pull requests in Katello. It doesn’t stop there - he’s active in Foreman too; again with 30+ PR reviews and authoring 8 merged PRs.

Let’s hear some opinions on adding Jeremy as a Katello comitter!


Jeremy has given thorough reviews and contributed in many areas of Foreman + Katello. Commit access overdue in my opinion! A big +1 :+1:



It’s been over a week with fully supportive feedback which is no surprise to me! @Justin_Sherrill can you grant @jeremylenz the access?

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added. Congrats @jeremylenz!


Thanks all!! :slight_smile: