Nominating Nadja Heitmann for ForemanPuppet plugin commit access

I’m nominating Nadja for a commit access to a Puppet plugin. She has been the driving force for the Puppet testing, mainly of it’s API and the plugin is mostly stable thanks to her effort. She has many contributions as well as many reported issues and she also helps reviewing and testing other PRs. She is one of the main people behind Puppet hammer plugin as well. She has proven her understanding of the plugin and its users.

If noone objects, I’ll give her commit access in a week from now.


I’d actually propose to add her to the Puppet team instead. This also grants access to the Hammer plugin and it means @theforeman/puppet also notifies her. This can be useful in core when you want the opinion of a member of the Puppet team. If we do extract Puppet bits from the Smart Proxy into a plugin then we would also add the repo to that team.

Overall I think we shouldn’t assign people to repositories but rather people to teams and teams to repos. We often have the plugin triplets: Foreman plugin, Smart Proxy Plugin and Hammer plugin. Using teams is easier.

tl;dr: :+1: on commit access, just a different implementation.