Nominating Tomas Strachota for a Foreman commit access

Hello devs

Tomas has good reviewing experience from hammer side project but recently also became an active reviewer of core PRs. Therefore I’d like to nominate him for a committer. Here are some examples of his contributions to the core project:

review contributions
initial breadcrumbs
about page in react
tiny but important source maps fix
full breadcrumbs - actually multiple very thorough testing rounds

code contributions

As usual, please share all you concerns here or privately and use likes or reply with :+1:, I’ll share the result in a week.



It is my pleasure to announce that I received zero :-1: and I see 10 :+1: to this nomination. Congratulations Tomas, I’m looking forward for your help decreasing the PR backlog we have, today it’s 130.

I’d like to kindly ask github org owners to add Tomas to the group.


Access has been granted. Congrats @Tomas_Strachota and thanks @Marek_Hulan for the nomination! :slight_smile:

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