Not able to register Ubuntu client to Foreman

Problem: Hi all i am using a foreman 1.19 and katello 3.8 , the packages of Ubuntu is synced on foreman GUI but cannot register the Ubuntu client on foreman GUI. can anyone please help me on how to do this any link or suggestions ?

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Hello and welcome here. Too little info, by registering what you mean? What is your workflow? Expectations? What you want to do with the installed node? Foreman can do 1000 things…

Registering —> I want that particular Ubuntu server client to be visible in Foreman GUI

Expectations / What to do you want to do —> we are using foreman for patching of servers , by adding the client servers in Foreman GUI we are done with redhat Linux , suse .

but not able to add the ubuntu server on the foreman GUI , we have the packages synced in the repository , no we need to add the server and update the packages.

Hope now its more clear !

There are no Debian and Ubuntu packages for the subscription-manager at the moment, you can rebuild from the instructions in

Then create the server using UI, CLI or API. Or if you use puppet then it will appear automatically as you register through puppet. Probably can do the same with Ansible, Salt or other plugins I don’t know.