Not seeing content for a host

Running Foreman 3.4.0 and Katello 4.6.0.

In my environment I have a Centos 7 product with all the repos in it. This is contained in a ContentView called Centos_CV (which also contains Centos 8 product repos). Centos_CV is rolled up in to a Composite View for each update wave per month so CCV_wave1, CCV_wave2 and CCV_wave3. Each CCV_wave is tied to a Lifecycle Env called Dev, PreProd and Prod.

I have a host that is part of the Prod Lifecycle and CCV_wave2.

If I look at the CCV_wave2 I see rpms, errata …
When I look at the Prod Lifecycle I see the Content Views but if I go to the Yum Repositories tab and select a Content View then click search I get nothing back. Doing the same on a much older version of Foreman/Katello I do see repositories.

Where have a missed a link?

Figured it out. Ignore.

Would you please explain how? For those, you may have a similar problem and come across this thread and wonder how you did it?

I have 3 Lifecycle levels and only had published / promoted my content to the first level. In the end I had to publish / promote to all the levels to see the content through all the levels.

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