Not wanting to deal with activation keys, subscriptions etc

It is possible to use Katello without having to deal with activation keys, subscriptions, etc and just have katello download the RHEL repos and have our clients just use the katello repos by setting up our yum configurations on the clients manually with the correct certs and urls?

The whole activation keys etc just seems so overly complicated coming from where I currently have my own yum in-house repos that reposync from RHN and don’t have to deal with all of that.

Why use Katello? Sounds like you already have what you want.
Not trying to be snarky, just noting the obvious.

Yeah, The main reasons are it provides a web interface for people to create snapshot releases, eg publish views.

hey @viwon,

If you haven’t seen already, you can register hosts with the “default organization view” content view that will serve the synced content for the organization. You will still need to use the proper subscriptions to do this, which would be made easier with an activation key. Once you get it set up, it should be pretty straightforward to register a bunch of hosts. There are tools to help with this

If you are dealing with RH repos I’m not sure how you would manually recreate the subscriptions, but for all repositories you can see where they are served in their details.