NYLUG @ facebook NYC trip report

Hi there,

Yesteday, on the ocassion of MIQ summit (http://manageiq.org/summit/),
Ivan Necas (inecas) & I gave a talk about Foreman at NYLUG
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I mostly gave an introduction to the project, explained provisioning and
tried to demo what steps to take to move to Puppet 4 with Foreman.
Ivan demoed remote execution and PXEless discovery.

I gave 2 options for puppet.conf I promised to post here,
'future_parser=true' and 'stringify_facts=false' can help on Puppet 3 to
verify your modules are compatible with Puppet 4.

The audience was very interested on it and we got a lot of
questions. A bit less than 20% of the attendees used Foreman at some
point. Notable questions I can remember: "can I use Foreman to provision
and configure network switches with ansible" / "how do I upgrade from
Foreman 1.7 to a Puppet 4 supported version" / "can I use pxeless
discovery and provision my hosts with static networking without DHCP"

After the talk some people went to a nearby pub in University Place for
a few drinks & snacks.

Some pics:

Thanks to Brian Gupta, Peter Norton, Johannes Weimer and the rest of the
LUG organizers for organizing this in such a short time period, and also
thanks for Uber & Facebook for sponsoring the event with
food/drinks/a place. Also thanks to everyone who took the time to come,
and to Ivan for doing this literally 2h after his flight from the Czech
Republic landed at JFK!

··· -- Daniel Lobato Garcia


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